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Terrorism and the Problem of Identity

Terrorism is phenomenon of modern society, which became expressive especially in second half of twentieth century. There is real danger that it could increase in growing number of terrorist groups, their aims, arms and ways of work, and that it could effect also in twentieth first century. Terrorism endangers the most important product of modern times: democracy, freedom, and human rights. There are different causes and reasons for existing of terrorist organizations and their cruel terrorist actions. This text analyzed question of identity as possible reason for existing of different terrorist groups and organizations and for their actions. Search for identity and question how to defend it create different problems and difficulties for individuals and groups. That identity is one-sided, disported, based on false faith and so called salvation, but, to defend it somebody is prepared to sacrifice everything, his own life if that is necessary (but frequently somebody else’s). That way, terrorism can be understood as way of defending that identity.


Ivan Sijakovic*, Ph.D.,

In this work we do research on how the post war development and the transitional period through which is going the society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially in the Republic of Srpska, is affecting the forming of values, value attitudes, and the building of the value profile of young people. We have stated that poverty, poor economic development, social disintegration, political, ethnic and cultural divisions and conflicts are creating a feeling of life anxiety and act frustrating on most of young people in the Republic of Srpska. That affects the forming of the value system in which freedom, justice, and honesty take the first three places on the ranking of values, and are put before knowledge, personal success and work. Aspiration for freedom and justice motivates young people to leave or to want to leave the territory of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.